San Diego Sushi Festival

Branding, UX & UI 

San Diego Sushi Festival is a family friendly festival that invites all for the weekend for tons of sushi tasting, tasty drinks, laughter and tons of fun. Located on The Dana on Mission Bay, grab your friends and family for a good time watching the best sushi chefs in the area create fantastic dishes.

Challenge: San Diego Sushi Festival is dedicated to bring more attention to all of the local restarts in the most inclusive and creative way possible. 

We are living in an age of information saturation. This is where an interactive map to any public event can leverage data to intrigue the viewer to have a better experience. This interactive map activates once you step through the gates of the festival. All you have to do is scan the poster of the QR code, type in the numbers listed on your ticket. No downloading an app, or using data. This Interactive map allows you to save tents of restaurants and chefs you enjoyed without having to write down or memorize. You can also see upcoming events in the festival.