Milk + Honey

Case Study, Packaging, Re-Branding

save the birds + the bees,

the flowers + the trees

Summary: Milk + Honey natural deodorant is designed to serve as skincare for your underarms. The formula is derived from wholesome ingredients including organic beeswax. What makes this deodorant particularly special, is that the makers go to great lengths to commit to creating products that not only feel luxurious but yield effective results with long lasting benefits.

Challenge: milk + honey creates products that are good for your body and the environment just by simply starting in the bathroom. Their first steps is with changing all of the products and packages become sustainable. Their mission is all about doing no harm, creating the community to be curated and smashing taboos.

Beliefs: Save the world & smell good doing it. 

Milk + Honey is a well known skin care brand that was designed around the tone of being aspirational. Milk + Honey wants to achieve the social prestige with having successful materials. Milk + honey is currently in the process of rebranding, therefore I was able to use my skills to be able to recreate a brand that has a strong logo while keeping the same inspiration and identity. My process started with studying the client briefs. I was able to meet with Milk + Honeys graphic designer to talk and ask questions regarding rebranding and the designing process as a whole. 

I have re created the banding identity of milk + honey, website and photography style fo the company. This company is a luxurious brand but going back to 70s aesthetic revolving around saving the birds and bees. 

milk + honey is a brand that designs formulas and packaging that is kind to your body and the planet


*This project is not endorsed by Milk + Honey*